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Once Nainital was a haunt for all honeymooners and mountain loving romantics, recently there has been a shift in trends where Nainital is seeing the younger crowds who are drawn by the thrill of heights and the pure ecstasy of the white waters. If you one of the adrenaline addicts looking from a quick getaway from the maddening crowds, then this is just the right opportunity for you. Just book an outstation cab from your location and enter a valley of adventure and activities in less than 6 hours. There are a plethora of adventurous activities which are regularly organized in Nainital.


Trekking and camping in Nainital:

This is a fairly common activity in this hilly terrain; most mountaineers love to explore the rocky trails of Nainital because of its exclusive location. It is more of a gateway to prime trekking and camping spots of Uttaranchal. In fact Nainital is a brilliant base for all adventurers who are waiting to explore new trails. There are several camping sites including the Naina Devi Jungle camp which are packed with exciting activities like hiking, Tarzan swings, star gazing, camp fires and yoga sessions. A few days of solitude in the lake city, under the stars is an ideal plan for you if you are an adventurer by nature.

Nainital ropeway:

This is one of the major attractions in Nainital, this ropeway offers breathtaking views of the expansive horizon cordoned off by the imposing Garhwal ranges. This connects the town to the Snow View Point.

Hot ballooning:

Another crazy adventure sports which is currently trending in Nainital is hot ballooning. This is mostly organized at Sukhatal and people from all over the country flock for an adrenaline filled experience each year. This is also a wonderful scope for all photographers to get unique angles of the lake city.

Boating and yachting:

This is a fairly common activity in the city of lakes. Parasailing adventures are conducted every season in cooperation with professionals who guide the amateur adventure lovers. Small boating and yachting competitions are fairly common in the lakes of Nainital. This is also a wonderful way to enjoy the vista of the lake city.

Rock climbing:

Activities like rock climbing are organized in Nainital pretty often by members of mountaineering groups. So young mountain lovers and even expert trekkers get a wonderful experience to learn and try their hands at rock climbing. This is usually conducted under strong vigilance of expert mountain climbers. You will need to hire protective gear for this activity. The most popular area for rock climbing is Pitera which is about 15 km away from the main city.

Fishing and angling:

This is also a common practice at the many lakes of the lake city. This sport does not require much expertise, practice or physical exertion. This is a sport for the nature lovers who would rather sit quaintly at a spot and enjoy the beauty of the changing colors of the day. The most famous lakes for angling and fishing are Bhimtal, Sattal, Naukuchia Tal and Khurpatal. Although none of these are very far from the city center, having a chauffeur driven car surely does reduce the distance between your hotel and your day’s destination.

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