Tweak your Health Career with Certified Healthcare Financial Professional Certification

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Why certify with healthcare financial professional certification?

The need for certifying the finance management and accounting skills, the professionals have to target the different financial certifications. If we specifically talk about the healthcare sector then the management of financial issues presents an important phenomenon. To cater this demand the certified healthcare financial professional certification is designed for the validation of the financial management skills by healthcare professionals.

certified healthcare financial professional

This certification is regarded very important for the individuals who want to earn immense and secure career opportunities in their respective area. An accounting or financial management background is required by the candidates of this certification. According to the estimates some governmental and private healthcare institutes have demanded their credential for different designations.

How to get the credential of certified healthcare financial professional?

The certified healthcare financial professional certification is organized and offered by the Healthcare Financial Management Association HFMA. The individuals have to first possess the relevant work experience as the healthcare financial manager or some similar designation. The HFMA requires the candidates to have 2 to 3 years of practical work experience in order register and take the certification exam. The member with the HFMA is also demanded for the candidates of this certification. Once the candidates have got the relevant work experience with the HFMA membership, then the individuals can apply for this certification.

Which kinds of topics are covered in the CHFP Exam?

As this certification is about the financial management of the healthcare sector, so following are the main topics covered in this exam:

  • Concepts of Revenue cycle
  • Budgeting and forecasting skills
  • The effective financial reporting
  • The internal level controls and management
  • Understanding of disbursements and contracting

These are the topics on which the exam CHFP is based. The questions may be asked on multiple choice questions or performance based.

What sort of professional advantages are associated with CHFP certification?

The individuals after passing the certification of certified healthcare financial professional successfully can anticipate a number of private and governmental job opportunities. Secure designations like financial healthcare manager, financial healthcare administrator and similar positions can be targeted by the candidates after passing this certification. Instant boost in employment status can be experienced because the top employers of this healthcare financial management sector are keen to hire certified professional for the effective management of their financial matters. Secondly, the candidates can earn leverage on the other professionals working in the same sector. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the individuals associated healthcare sector are earning excellent salaries with a wide range of secure designations.

Concluding remarks on the CHFP Credential

The credential of CHFP is considered as very promising for all those individuals who want to have a tweak in their current employment status. But for the long time promising career, the financial healthcare professionals have to renew their credential by continuing education program offered by the healthcare financial management association. The candidates can check the official website of HFMA for continuing education program details and can enjoy a rewarding career.

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