Urban “Green” Houses: Ways to Make Your Own!

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In an era where Global Warming has become a serious concern, even more than the country’s inclusive growth; it’s only likely that one invests in a Greenhouse, to whatever extent possible. Besides, it only pays when the endeavor is undertaken. To speak of a few advantages:

  • You can improve on the appeal of your house. Greenery always brings in positive energy which is good for all.
  • You can grow a range of fruits and vegetables which help you take charge of the food quality you consume.
  • A sense of accomplishment that you’re contributing to conserving the environment rather than destroying it.
  • As opposed to all the pollution out there, your home will have a cleaner and fresher atmosphere.

Greenhouses are not a massive undertaking either that, individuals needs to ponder over the investments before committing to it. Depending on the space that home owners can allot, there are many ways to make one’s own greenhouse. One can opt for:

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  • PVC pipes and plastic sheet greenhouses
  • Wood and fiberglass greenhouses
  • Galvanized steel and energy efficient windows with low U factor

The easiest way to construct a greenhouse is using PVC pipes and plastic sheets. Here’s a quick run through the procedure:

Required materials:

  • PVC pipes (preferably of 3/4th inches)
  • 4-way PVC connectors
  • 3-way PVC connectors
  • PVC cement
  • Galvanized EMT (electrical metallic tubing) strips (3/4th inches)
  • Treated wooden boards of 2”x6”x14’; 2”x6”x12’; 2”x4”x7’; 2”x4”x6’; 4”x4”x2’; 2”x4”x3’ and 1”x4”x12’
  • Hinges for doors
  • UV resistant clear plastic film
  • Screws and nails
  • A drill, stapler and pipe cutter
  • Mesh wire, electrical outlet and PVC midrib (optional)


  • Foundation wood leveling: Construct a foundation with wooden boards on all four sides, keeping them connected to the ground but not below. The idea is to bar water from leaking in and heat from leaking out.
  • Foundation frame building: Loosely attach the EMT straps to hold the PVC ribs in place and install anchor posts at the four corners separately, away from the base foundation.
  • Assembling the PVC framework: Build the roof mid-rib connecting multiple pipes with the help of 4-way connectors at their joints and 3-way connector at the ends. Now install the foundation frame on to the base foundation and with a set of helping hands, bend the pipes on to the 3-way open connectors to finish the skeleton of the greenhouse.
  • End frame: Use wood boards diagonally on the door end and its opposite end for a firmer structure. The rest can be used to make the door.
  • Fixing the plastic sheets: the plastic sheet can now be spread lightly over the PVC framework with stapling it to the foundation and leaving a few inches to be filled in with packed soil for better hold.
  • Floor finish: Spread gravel or sand to finish up with the flooring.

While this is the easiest and most economical way of building your own greenhouse, it’s not advisable for stormy and snowy areas. Besides, the PVC pipes and plastics sheets needs replacement from time to time and are not easily recyclable too. As such one could opt for the sturdier wood and fiberglass greenhouses or galvanized steel with energy efficient glass greenhouses. Ensure however that proper ventilation is made though windows and doors within the structure. Multi track sliding windows and doors could be used for easy access and ventilation, especially if you’re considering building the guest house adjoining to your house’s wall.

How have you constructed your greenhouse? What according to you are the best materials to use when constructing a greenhouse? What were your biggest challenges faced while construction? Share your thoughts, experiences and opinions with us.

Author Bio:-

Manoj Jha is an enthusiastic writer and blogger who loves informative articles on home windows and doors. In above post he has shared valuable information to prepare your own green house.

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