Value of Cardboard Packaging Boxes in today’s Market and Business

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Packaging, casing, wrapping and its forms have been in the industry for a long time. With the advent of time and technology, packaging purpose has remained same however the process has become more sophisticated and practical.

Cardboard Packaging

Numerous materials are used during the construction of cartons and boxes and they are as follows.

  • Glass
  • Card board
  • Fiber
  • Metal

Of these, card board packaging has gained tremendous popularity and has played an integral part in storing and transporting articles. However before venturing into packaging industry and how they work, it is important to understand what packaged boxes are, their values and how they are irreplaceable when it comes to storing items.

What are packaged Boxes and its characteristics?

  • System used to keep products and merchandise safe.
  • Good for storing products and ensures safety during transportation.
  • Light weight and takes up little space when folded.
  • Can be easily assembled and folded back when not in use.
  • Boxes made from good card board pieces can not only hold up a lot of weight but can retain shape as well.
  • Remains reliable and robust even during high tension.
  • Good packing boxes provide lots of storage area.

Cardboard casings and boxes are of different types and they each have specific values designated to them. Cardboard cartons or boxes play a pivotal role in not just specifically packaging industries but their contribution is unmatched when it comes to storage and transportation.

Below mentioned are the types of paperboard boxes and their importance.

  1. Nested trays- These are usually suitable for work places and tables. These do not resemble a box but is more like an open box and shaped like a tray to save space on the table. Files and magazines can be stacked on these.
  2. Overlap cartons- these are generally used for rough handling duties. In this case a panel, preferably the left one is kept longer so as to cover the entire case width.
  3. Slotted types- These are mainly used for shipping and storing purposes. Made from strong corrugated paper boards these packaging boxes are effective enough to store products.
  4. Suit case boxes- These are also cut from corrugated cardboard pieces and resemble a suitcase. These have self closing operating methods and an inbuilt handle. Mainly used in trade-shows and conventions, these effective crates act as promotional gift pouches as well.
  5. Counter top displays- As the name suggests, these highly useful crates are put on shop shelves to displays packaged items. They can be customized accordingly.
  6. Five panel wraps- These come with five panels on the side which closes to make the complete box. Five panel wraps boxes are used to store larger and heavier items like bats, hockey and golf sticks, cricket bats, and tennis and badminton rackets along with other significant articles.
  7. Telescoping box- two separate individual panels are used to create this crate. Made from corrugated cardboard, staple and adhesive are used to seal it.

The importance of crates and fiberboard cases hold great value in business and this is because,

  1. They offer owners to come up with newer shapes and modern styles.
  2. Cases can be customized according to preference.
  3. High appeal to commercial as well as personal sectors.
  4. With an increase in merchandise production, requirement for storage cases are on the rise.
  5. These are renewable, sustainable, eco–friendly and extremely cost–effective not only for makers but consumers too.
  6. Commercial carton production is in great demand.

This blog has been written to provide useful information about cardboard packaging. Still want to know more then let’s go to the details and get more information.

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