Vision problems – What Latest Glaucoma Research Has To Offer

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There are many eye conditions which can have serious permanent damage to your vision if untreated and if not recognized in time. Glaucoma is one of those silent killers, as it rarely has any visible symptoms which could alert someone that there might be something wrong. The worst-case scenario for glaucoma is that the person suffering from it can develop permanent blindness.

The eye

What is glaucoma?

Basically, glaucoma is a group of related eye disorders which cause damage to the optic nerve, and usually it is caused by the higher-than-normal pressure in the eye. However, there are no clear indications as to what the causes are for glaucoma, medical science only knows how it affects the eye and what is happening. Even more terrifying is the fact that there are no clear symptoms either, because it is hard to tell if you are suffering from glaucoma or not.

There are different types of glaucoma which could be developed, but in both cases it is the question of how well your eyes can handle pressure and the fluids inside them. Nevertheless, unless noticed and treated in a timely fashion, your eyes could suffer catastrophic consequences.

Damage is not as imminent as first thought

It was believed that the retinal ganglion cell dies almost immediately when infected, but with newer research, it has been discovered that it dies only later on. This will give a greater fighting chance to prevent or slow down the process of the disease where it slowly kills off the optic nerve.

Relieving pain

Many also have it believe that medical cannabis is great for glaucoma, but it simply does not work; and any previous claim that cannabis could help with this disease has been debunked with the latest in research that shows that it does not.

A new hope for finding a cause

Although not completely conclusive, researchers have agreed that lower levels of vitamin D in our bodies could be a bigger risk factor for developing glaucoma. It just goes to show that healthy diet with a rich vitamin and mineral basis is helpful to maintain and secure our bodies from developing diseases.

A cure?

Even though medical science does have a wider understating of glaucoma, it is still not yet conclusive what works the best to cure it; however, there are many glaucoma medications out there which could help you fight the diseases. Soon enough, we will be able to deliver medication via contact lenses which will have more efficiency.

Sleeping properly

Research has also found a connection between the developing of glaucoma and sleep apnea; where the latter is a sleeping disorder that does not let you rest as you should, and it greatly affects the eye region. Generally speaking, this is bad for glaucoma, as it will obstruct ways to relieve pressure in the eyes.

Dealing with glaucoma

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about glaucoma but to try and to get the right medication, but fortunately, new glaucoma surgery and therapy can help you not only relieve the symptoms but also help you fight off the disease to achieve great results. Nevertheless, it is vital that you stay strong, that you keep your body strength up as well so that you can help your body fight the diseases from the inside.

On the other hand, it is also important that you stay punctual with your medication and that you take it as many times, and as many, just like how your doctor prescribed it. Many tend to forget to take their medication, making the disease even worse for them.

The future of glaucoma

As research is unraveling more and more mysteries about glaucoma, it is possible to find a perfect way to recognize early signs of glaucoma developing. Moreover, better and better medication is being developed so that people suffering from the disease can have an easier time dealing with it; furthermore, many treatments are being developed to help those in need to recover faster. A healthy lifestyle and a regular visit to the doctor should be a good precautionary measure to keep your health in check, and to make sure that you are glaucoma free.

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