Ways to cheat fuller hair

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Always dreamed of the thicker mane? Here are main ways to cheat fuller hair!

Long Hair
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  1. Get A Blunt Cut

The ends are the most damaged and the most brittle part of your hair. Because of it, your mane can look even thinner than it is. If your locks on a longer side, consider visiting a hair salon in New York City and getting a blunt cut. It will give you’re the appearance of thicker ends, and it will create an illusion of fuller-looking hair.

  1. Use Extensions

The easiest way to cheat some thickness to your tresses is to clip in some hair extensions. These are rather affordable and can be ordered online. Fortunately, these is a large range of color and textures to choose from, so you’ll be able to find a product suitable for you.

  1. Add Volume

Cheat a little bit of thickness with some volume. Use dry shampoo to add extra body to your tresses as well as freshen them up. Another option is to flip your hair upside down and blow-dry it this way. Sprinkle a little bit of the hairspray to the underside of the strands and comb your locks with your fingers. If you are not sure whether you can achieve the desired result or not, make an appointment at a hair salon in New York City and ask them for a blow-out. Watch the technique and try to imitate it at home.

  1. Curl Away

Curls automatically create an appearance of the fuller mane. You can either opt for the big and loose curls, or for the tight ones. This depends solely on your taste and personal preference.

Try out these tricks to achieve thicker-looking locks!

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