What Are the Benefits of Baby Yoga?

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For new mothers, nothing is more important than the health of their babies. Thanks to recent breakthroughs in the science of motherhood, coupled with ancient teachings from traditional Eastern medicine, new mothers now have a new tool in their repertoire for bonding with their babies: baby yoga.

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If that sounds strange to you, it shouldn’t. Although the practice of baby yoga is relatively new in North America and Europe, it is a long-standing tradition throughout much the world, and its effectiveness is based on techniques that have long been trusted even within the West.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of baby yoga, here is a quick look at what it can do for you:

1. Bonds Babies to Their Mothers

Baby yoga, and the related technique of baby massage, depends essentially on physical touch between mothers and their children. While practicing baby yoga, mothers use their hands – and even sometimes their legs — to manipulate the bodies of their newborn children. Although children at this stage of life are far too young to communicate verbally, they are nonetheless extremely sensitive to physical communication, such as is possible through direct touch between mother and child. The guided routines of baby yoga will help you begin communicating physically with your child, and establish a lasting rapport that will endure all throughout the child’s life.

2. Improve Your Baby’s Circulation

Few things are more important to the overall health of the newborn infants than the quality of their blood circulation. Because of their low age, babies often have weak hearts and are at risk for reduced circulation, which can limit their brain function and leads to reduced performance later in life. Baby yoga is excellent at stimulating blood flow in babies and toddlers, and keeping their hearts pumping and strong all throughout the day. This effect works by encouraging the flow of blood through the baby. As the instructor guides you in touching your baby, she will focus on areas that can simulate blood flow and increase overall circulation, providing maximum impact.

3. Improves the Mother’s Overall Health

Many people have the mistaken impression that baby yoga will be less valuable for the mother’s health than normal forms of yoga. But this is not true. In fact, baby yoga provides excellent training for adults – including even sometimes fathers – by improving their dexterity, flexibility, and overall cardio health. Depending on the particular class you participate in, baby yoga can be a great way to build muscles as well. Many people report better posture, improved muscle definition, and a general heightening of their feelings of well-being.

In sum, participants in baby yoga benefit emotionally and physically. The bond between parent and child is dramatically strengthened, the child’s development is hastened, and mothers and fathers who participate end up feeling far better themselves. And with those benefits in mind, there is no chance that you will feel at all uneasy about trying out this new and exciting form of exercise.

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