What You Need to Know about Exterior Plumbing Services

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Exterior plumbing hazards are often more dangerous than those inside. It’s common to have a leak outside where you don’t know what happened and where it’s come from. You need to choose the right plumber for the job. Exterior Plumbing Services (EPS) is the perfect option for dealing with plumbing nightmares outside your home.

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There are thousands of plumbers in the UK. Some are larger companies and others operate alone out of the back of a van. Customers tend to opt for plumbers based on price. This is where people take a big risk. Simply choosing on price exposes you to being stuck with a plumber who doesn’t know what he’s doing.

The reason it’s cheap is because the quality is so low, and the same troubles often resurface months later. Exterior Plumbing Services balances consumer concerns over price and work quality. They offer affordable prices with a high quality of work. You might find a cowboy who can do it cheaper, but you won’t get the work you’re expecting.

Professional Customer Service
EPS offer a variety of services. Each service gets a personalised quote. Every home is different and each homeowner has alternate requirements. They price according to the job, so this company only charges you for the work carried out.

To start with, a plumbing expert inspects the situation and ascertains what needs to be done. He explains exactly how to solve the problem so clients know what they’re paying for.

The plumbers arrive at the time they say they’ll arrive with all the tools. It doesn’t take long for them to address the problem and provide a permanent solution.

Results to Last
One of the key problems with the UK plumbing industry is the lack of results. Many plumbers will fix the issue without paying any attention to the long-term causes. It’s rare for a symptom of a plumbing problem to appear totally at random. Most of the time, it indicates something is deeply wrong.

Exterior Plumbing Services addresses the symptoms, such as a burst pipe, and investigates why it happened. This way of doing things ensures there’s not another problem months afterwards.

Exterior Plumbing Services offers a variety of services targeting some common and less common plumbing issues. Here’s a list of the main services available:

  • Water mains replacement.
  • Mains laying and diversions.
  • Lead pipe replacement.
  • Surveys and consultations.
  • Supply work.
  • Leak detection.
  • Trenchless technology.

The company has a full description of what each of these services entail on its website.

For a more in-depth guide to Exterior Plumbing Services, visit: http://www.exterior-plumbing-services.co.uk.

You’re fully covered against any accidents sustained whilst working with Exterior Plumbing Services plumbers. They have £10 million worth of public liability cover. This means they’ll pay out if they cause a serious incident and they’re found to be at fault. Subsequently, this affords full financial protection to you.

You can find a full breakdown of their insurance policy and what it applies to through a link placed on the website’s homepage.

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