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Jackson, Wyoming, often referred to as Jackson Hole, is one of the most popular tourist attractions outside of Yellowstone National Park. The views of the Tetons are simply breathtaking, and the atmosphere and activities that the city has to offer are endless. That being said, it is no wonder why so many invest in buying property or building a cabin or home in the heart of nature’s beauty.

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When it comes to finding somewhere to live, you really have about three options: rent, buy, or build. Renting is easy, but it isn’t for everyone. Jackson is a luxury city, so renting isn’t going to get you the typical studio apartment for $800 a month. Renting in Jackson, Wyoming is all about luxury rentals. Most condos and townhomes are not even occupied most of the year; they are simply rented out during the best skiing months of the year. Few apartments or condos that are actually for rent even bother listing the amenities offered since there are so many. Most will include year-long ski passes and memberships to the golf and tennis club. Some are even located right on the mountain so you can ski home if you choose.

Buying a home in Jackson tends to be a little more popular than renting. Depending on where you want to live will determine the price you pay. The closer you are to the ski resort, the more expensive the home. Typically, those homes tend to be a little older as well, so unless you are an avid skier or snowboarder, you may want to consider looking elsewhere. There are plenty of homes for sale in the area, but finding the right one, at the right price, in the right location, with everything you need can be extremely difficult.

If you give up on finding the perfect home, don’t feel bad. Most people will end up building a custom home to suit their tastes and preferences. There are several home builders to choose from, but you will want to talk to one who has a great portfolio of work and that will incorporate what you want into the home that is built. Clint Cook Jackson Wyoming custom home builder owns and operates CC Builders – the leader in custom home building.

No matter which route you take in finding a place to call home in Jackson – whether it is renting, buying, or building – you will be living in one of the most beautiful places with spectacular views.

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