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Accidents do happen, but when it happens to your precious Persian or Oriental carpet, the culprit should be very worried. These rugs are considered by many homeowners as their most cherished possessions that in some culture, they were only laid on special occasions. Proper care of the Persian and Oriental rugs is very important to maintain their natural beauty and prolong their lifespan, which can be up to 200 years.

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Oftentimes, Oriental and Persian rugs are referenced interchangeably thinking that they are one and the same. However, they are different from each other and this distinction lies on where the rugs are handcrafted. Persian rugs are classified as Oriental rugs, but are specifically crated from Iran. Other classifications of Oriental rugs are those that are hand-knotted from India, China, Turkey, Russia, Nepal, Tibet and Pakistan.

Oriental rug cleaning is pretty much the same method used in cleaning Persian rugs. Sunlight and moths are two of its greatest weaknesses as the sunlight can fade the rug, while moths create holes on them. You can regularly vacuum or swept them to remove dirt, or vigorously shake them. You can also wash your Oriental and Persian rugs using the proper cleaning agents and procedures. You may also need to avoid water spillage from plants and flowers to seep into the rug as this will cause the rug to crack and break when dried totally damaging it.

Aside from the fact that Persian rugs are good investment, Persian rug cleaning must be employed as they can also harbor dust, mites and grimes, which can be bad for you and your children’s health. While you can clean the rug daily, proper rug cleaning done by the expert is very important not only for health reasons; but to make it fresh-smelling and look brand new as well.

www.persianrugcleaner.com has experts that do not only handle stains and full odor removal using environmental-friendly cleaning agents to ensure the Oriental and Persian rugs’ strength and durability intact, but can also do damage control by securing the fringes on the ends of the rugs so that you can enjoy their beauty for a very long time.

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