Why Motorbikes Are So Important to the Police Force

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These days, it’s not unusual to see your average law enforcement official riding around on a motorcycle. Despite the added dangers of being on a motorbike, these police vehicles are becoming more common on our roads. Why is this though? What makes them so valuable that the police force is willing to put their officers through added training just to be able to handle their motorbike in a safe, efficient manner?

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Their Small Size Makes Them Easy to Hide

In their vigilance to keep our roads safe, police have to be on the lookout for those breaking the law by speeding, parking incorrectly or ignoring red lights. Typically though, motorists will slow down and obey the law whenever they see a police car. To catch any drivers who act recklessly when they think law enforcement isn’t around, police forces around the world use motorcycles as they are easier to hide. They can sit behind bushes, billboards and barriers, keeping an eye out for those breaking the law. Most are fitted with a lightweight camera on the front and some may even have radar guns for spotting those going over the speed limit.

They Can Squeeze through Heavy Traffic

As traffic jams are a major inconvenience for those driving police cars, the choice has been made to use motorbikes as law enforcement vehicles in urban areas. Their small size means they can:

  • Act as first responders to the scene of an accident that occurred within a high traffic, built up area. In this way, they can witness the scenario while it is still fresh and direct traffic around the accident to prevent further traffic jams.
  • Patrol heavily populated metropolitan zones without being delayed by bad traffic. Police can then routinely access a wider expanse of area than they would be able to had they been driving a typical police car instead.

As you can see, there is plenty of incentive to use motorcycles for law enforcement officials in certain areas. Within the great cities of our world, it is therefore possible for complete surveillance and protection to be upheld regardless of how congested it is. Motorbikes and the police are a versatile combination in urban areas as they offer wider law enforcement capabilities in an environment that would have been otherwise deemed too difficult to penetrate. Despite their risks, these vehicles offer police added capabilities when it comes to dealing with car accidents, chasing offenders and patrolling dodgy neighbourhoods regardless of the amount of traffic found there.

They Consume Less Petrol than Cars

The last benefit that motorbikes have over cars when it comes to law enforcement is that they offer lower fuel consumption. This is crucial for police forces everywhere as each year it seems budgets are stretched to the limit. In order to cut costs without detracting from the level of protection provided, law enforcement agencies around the world decided to include motorbikes in their fleet of vehicles.

In this way, they can still uphold the law, patrolling cities and rapidly moving to crime scenes without having to spend a lot on fuel. This also frees up cash for other potential uses. As police forces can save money by using motorbikes instead of cars, they can then focus on other areas such as officer training, new equipment purchases and additional staff without having to ask for anything extra from the government. Motorcycles help law enforcement use their finances in a more cost effective manner so they can then look after the streets more efficiently.

These three benefits make it obvious why police forces all over the world are now using motorbikes to enforce the law. The next time you see an officer patrolling around your neighbourhood, remember that they are doing this for added flexibility, improved stealth capabilities and lower expenses. In this way, they can provide a much better service despite having to learn the skills required to ride their bike in a safe manner.

If you are interested in finding out more, you can always contact your local police force for further information. Bike enthusiasts may even wish to sign up so they can show off their skills while making the streets safer at the same time.

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