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Visiting a dentist is nothing short of a nightmare for some people and yet they don’t really have a choice if they wish to ensure that their teeth and gums remain healthy. Previously, people did not have any alternative that they could use for keeping their teeth and gums in the perfect condition. They had to visit a traditional dentist for regular checkups, cleanings and procedures. However, now people are being offered another option and that is of a holistic dentist. These individuals follow a different and unique approach to provide optimal dental health to people. They can offer the same services as regular dentists and do so in a better way. Nonetheless, people have misconceptions about holistic dentistry and are some may not visit holistic dentists.

This can turn out to be a mistake as there are numerous reasons why a holistic dentist San Diego is the best choice for people when they wish to get their dental problems sorted out. The unique feature about these dentists is that they abstain from using toxic and dangerous materials and equipment that can inflict damage. Instead, they opt for safer and healthier alternatives, which can have beneficial impacts on the overall health. Therefore, holistic dentists don’t believe in using fluoride toothpaste and amalgam fillings containing mercury because both mercury and fluoride are toxic and can give rise to health complications.

Likewise, holistic dentist do not use crowns because part of the tooth has to be removed in this procedure. Another reason why holistic dentists are preferred over regular dentists is that they don’t offer sealants to their patients. Hormone disrupting ingredient called Bisphenol A (BPA) is used for making sealant materials. It is a chemical that holistic dentists will never use for adults and children alike. Moreover, holistic dentists try to avoid X Rays as much as possible. They don’t allow X Rays for children at all and even in adults, a holistic dentist San Diego recommends them sparingly.

Even when fillings are required by patients, a holistic dentist chooses the material that’s biologically suited to the individual patient. In order to determine it, a patient is tested via applied kinesiology or blood test and this can help in selecting the right composite material for the patient. They also take into account the health history of the patient and their current status or condition. Whenever any form of procedure has to be performed, holistic dentists abstain from using drugs before the procedure.

Instead, they utilize homeopathy drops for achieving the same result. Likewise, even after the surgery, no chemicals are administered to patients for jumpstarting the healing process. They are given oral Vitamin C that can help them in the recovery process to a great extent. Root canals are another procedure that’s frowned upon by holistic dentists for dealing with inflamed teeth because they believe that nutritional support can be useful in reversing the damage inflicted. They don’t believe in removing the wisdom teeth either. Therefore, going to a holistic dentist San Diego can turn out to be a wise choice.

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