Why Young People Should Plan Their Cremations Now

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“You only live once,” or YOLO, is one of this generation’s most prominent catchphrases. It’s an empowering mantra for young people want to live life to the fullest every day. But, behind the carefree catchphrase lies a sobering recognition that life is precious and unpredictable, and that none of us can escape our inevitable fates.


Young people may not like to think about death, but doing so offers peace of mind and comfort to many individuals. In fact, planning for your death ahead of time gives you the freedom to live your life knowing that when you depart, your wishes will be carried out and your family won’t be burdened by end-of-life planning. Planning a funeral or cremation when you’re young and healthy isn’t morbid; on the contrary, it’s a gift to your family and to yourself.

Cremation Trends

Many families still choose traditional burials when a loved one passes away, but this generation has selected cremation in droves as an alternative to burial. More people than ever before are choosing cremation: The rate is as high as 70 percent in some U.S. states, and cremation is expected to account for more than half of end-of-life services in the next few years. Factors contributing to the higher number of cremations include: growing religious acceptance of cremation, low cremation costs, cremation as a green alternative to burial, and flexibility in choosing cremation options and a final resting place.

Cremation Preplanning

A number of cremation providers encourage young people to plan their cremations ahead of time and offer services to guide them through the planning process. Cremation preplanning:

· Communicates your final wishes. Creating a cremation plan ensures that no important details are left out of your final services. Once you create a cremation plan, your funeral home or cremation provider conveys your wishes to family members so that they are not taken by surprise during a period of grief.

· Gives you enough time to make personal and financial decisions. How do you want your family to commemorate your life? The possibilities are endless. Planning ahead gives you ample time to think things through and make decisions that are right for you, as well as set aside a budget and relieve your family of hefty cremation costs.

· Lets you take advantage of current rates. A big advantage of planning ahead is that it gives you the option to prefund your cremation plan, meaning that you can set aside funds in a state-approved trust or insurance plan to be used only for end-of-life services. Prepaying locks in current prices before they rise due to inflation, saving your family money in the long run.

· Provides peace of mind to your family. The best thing about planning your cremation service now is that it relieves your family of the burden of planning in the dark, without knowing your final wishes. Leaving things unplanned is stressful for the loved ones you leave behind. Cremation preplanning removes that burden, allowing your family to celebrate your life without the weight of unanswered questions.

You’re never too young to think about the future. If you only live once, then every decision you make counts. Talk to Smart Cremation about preplanning today.

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