Yes! You Can Slow Down Your Metabolism and Gain Weight!

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Yes! You Can Slow Down Your Metabolism and Gain Weight!
If you want to gain weight, but you have a very high metabolism then you may feel like giving up before you even start. In fact, gaining weight when you have a high metabolism may seem like a pointless exercise. Luckily there are ways around this, meaning that it is possible to slow down your metabolism and gain weight just like you want to.

Work out

In this article we will tell you the steps that you can take to slow down your metabolism.

Work out your metabolic rate

In order to find out the how to slow down your metabolism, you need to know what your basal metabolic rate (BMR) is. Your BMR is the rate your body uses energy when at rest. There are calculators you can use online to work this out, or you can do it yourself using this formula:

Men: 66 + (6.23 x weight in lbs) + (12.7 x height in inches) – (6.8 x age in years)

Women: 655 + (4.35 x weight in lbs) + (4.7 x height in inches) – (4.7 x age in years)

Work out how many calories you need to consume

In order to slow down your metabolism you need to understand how many calories you need to consume in a day. This is because slowing down your metabolism will lower your calorie requirements. Use this formula (known as the Harris-Benedict equation) to work out what calories you need to consume to stay at the same weight:

-If you are inactive/rarely exercise: BMR x 1.2

-Exercise lightly (1-3 days per week): BMR x 1.375

-Exercise moderately (3-5 days per week): BMR x 1.55

-Exercise actively (6-7 days per week): BMR x 1.725

-Exercise intensely every single day: BMR x 1.9

Once you understand what your calorie needs are, you can start to work on slowing down your metabolism.

Eat less calories

When you regularly consume less calories than you need on a daily basis your body will lower its metabolic rate. It does this because it has less calories to work with, which means it needs to adapt and burn less calories for energy.

While you won’t gain weight while you are consuming a low amount of calories, you will lower your metabolism. This means that once you start to consume a higher amount of calories you will gain weight quickly, because your body will have a lower metabolic rate.

Bear in mind that your body will probably burn lean muscle tissue or muscle for energy if it doesn’t have fat to burn. For that reason this is not a healthy way for you to lower your metabolism, especially if you are already skinny.

Skip meals

Many people try to lose weight by skipping meals, but they find that they actually gain weight instead! This is because skipping meals causes the body to believe that there may be a shortage of food and it starts to prepare for a famine. One of the ways your body will prepare for a famine is by slowing down your metabolism.

I’m sure you can tell that this isn’t a healthy way to lower your metabolism, but it does work very quickly.

Take regular naps

When you are sleeping your metabolic rate is lowered and it stays lower for a while after you wake up. If you take naps throughout the day then you can maintain a lower metabolic rate which will help you to gain weight.

Change your diet

If you make a few adjustments to your diet you can lower your metabolism.

The first way you can change your diet to lower your metabolism is to replace simple carbohydrates like sugar for complex carbohydrates like starch and fibre. Sugars and fruits are digested much easier than complex carbohydrates like bread. Sugar also contains fructose which causes greater calorie burning than glucose units found in complex carbohydrates.

High fibre foods have also been shown to reduce calorie burning for six hours after you consume them.

Adding nuts and seeds to your diet is a great way to lower your metabolism. They are rich in the amino acid arginine, which is used by the body to make nitric oxide, which has been shown to reduce the metabolic rate.


While having a higher metabolism can make it a real struggle to gain weight, it doesn’t make it impossible. By putting a little bit more thought in your diet, or by using a few little tricks, you can lower your metabolic rate and make it easier to gain weight in the future.



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